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Hyper and Satechi Create the Most Important Accessory for Your Macbook

Hyper and Satechi Create the Most Important Accessory for Your Macbook

We can all agree that while the new Macbook (2015) is a gorgeous piece of tech, but with it’s single port, especially being a USB type-C port, is its single-most downfall. Apple adds somewhat of a solution of this with their $80 USB C hub, which includes another USB C port, a USB 3.0 port, and a A/V (either HDMI or VGA) port. This year at CES both Satechi and Hyper decided to offer a better solution to the problem that Apple created.

Both companies have created a 5-in-1 USB C hub that houses another USB C port, two USB 3.0 ports, a microSD card slot, and a standard SD card slot. They attach to the left side of your macbook in a very seemless way and they allow for all your ports to be easily accessible. Lastly, both companies have presented their hubs in all three colors that the Macbook comes in: Silver, Gold, and Space Gray.


Satechi’s hub is available on Amazon now for $40, while Hyper’s hub is available on their store-site  for $50 — I don’t know why there’s a $10 price difference, guess that’ll affect sales. These hubs easily and quickly change the more lightweight-focused Macbook into a more productive computer. Go and grab these hubs online now!

Amazon: Satechi Via: Hyper

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