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Google Announces New Partners for Android TV and Google Cast Devices

Google Announces New Partners for Android TV and Google Cast Devices

Android TV and Google Cast devices got a huge boost in the public eye last with the help of multiple Android TV partners (including: Sony, Nvidia, and Razer) and a few Google Cast speaker-enabled manufacturers (LG and Sony). This year will prove to be even bigger, as Google recently announced that even more partners will jump on the Android TV and Cast train.

First off Android TV has definitely made the living room a much more group accessible, media-centric room. Allowing an easy way to access your favorite media streaming apps, like Netflix or Hulu, at a glance can definitely make binging on that show or family TV time more enjoyable. This year, expect to see TVs and set-tops with Android TV software from  Arcelik, Vestel, RCA, Hisense, Linknet,  TCL and Bang & Olufsen.

While Android TV handles the more video side of streaming, Google Cast devices are you audio focused devices. These enabled speakers allow you to wirelessly stream your music over wifi with the press of a single button. There are already some Cast speakers from Sony and LG, but  B&O Play, Harman Kardon, Onkyo, Philips, Pioneer, and Raumfeld are going to be joining the foray.

I’m excited to see more companies add these technologies to their products, that create a good range in quality and price of devices — plus, competition and choice is what Google is all about right?

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