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Casio Launching Their First Android Wear Watch This April

Casio Launching Their First Android Wear Watch This April

Nowadays it seems like many watchmakers are jumping on the Android Wear train and creating smartwatches that run the software. Casio is the next watchmaker that you’ve probably heard of to do so. The company just made an announcement at CES that revealed the companies “Smart Outdoor Watch,” which runs Android Wear and is intended for those more rugged outdoor activities.

What makes the Smart Outdoor Watch so rugged and great for the outdoors is that it contains some great sensors that you usually aren’t going to find in your typical watch or even Android Wear smartwatch. On top of these great sensors, the watch is also shock resistant and water resistant up to 50 meters, which Casio says is military grade. Also, the sensors that were mentioned before include a pressure sensor as well as an actual compass, two things that anybody who is outdoors a lot will appreciate.

The display of the device is not your typical smartwatch display. It consists of not one, but two separate displays that are layered on top of one another. A monochrome LCD and then a color LCD make it easy to see the display no matter what the lighting is like and it also assists in the battery life department. Also, if you take a closer look at the display of the device you will notice that it has a “flat tire” look to it, exactly the same way that the Moto 360 infamously did.

Casio’s Smart Outdoor Watch will be available for purchase in April for $499 and will be available in four different colors, black, red, orange, and gray. It will also come out of the box loaded up with some great fitness-related apps.

Via: Droid-Life

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