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LG Unveils New Signature Lineup Of Premium Products Including A Stunning 4K OLED Television

LG Unveils New Signature Lineup Of Premium Products Including A Stunning 4K OLED Television

To kick off Press Day here at CES 2016, LG has announced their new lineup of premium products, the LG Signature lineup. This line includes a new washing machine, and futuristic refrigerator, and most notably, and incredible 4K television. We know you’re most interested in the TV, so let’s talk about that.

This new OLED equipped 4K TV is capable of stunning picture quality with unbelievably deep blacks that you simply need to see to believe. The goal with the LG Signature OLED G6 4K TV is to “eliminate the unnecessary”. Essentially, to take away anything that might distract you from what’s on screen. To do this, LG has implemented an extremely thin OLED panel on this TV which is held up but a sheet of glass. The display itself is just a mere 2.57mm thin. That’s the same size as if you stacked 4 credit cards atop one another.


With thin TVs speaker quality is usually sacrificed, but LG has cleverly integrated the speaker into the base of the TV. This speaker is front facing and LG claims that it delivers great audio quality. It also has a built in woofer. One of the other clever parts of the base is that it can be folded back behind the display when it’s being mounted up on the wall to keep that thin profile.

LG has also had this TV certified by the new UHDA (UltraHD Alliance). This organization helps grade UHD TVs and shows their logo to help consumers easily see which models are “the best of the best”. The LG Signature OLED G6 4K TV is one of the first models to receive that certification.

This is of course a smart TV, like many of LG’s recent releases, and it runs WebOS out of the box. Over the coming months LG will release 55″, 65″, and 77″ models of this television. Release dates, pricing information, or regional availability are unknown at this time, but we should learn more over the coming months.

Within the Signature lineup there is also a refrigerator which includes useful features such as an automatically opening door and glass which becomes transparent when you knock on it. There’s also a new washing machine with a futuristic design and special features such as a “mini washer” at the bottom. These products will also be available later this year.


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