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ALCATEL ONETOUCH Unveils New Selection Of Affordable Smartphones, A Tablet, And A Smartwatch

ALCATEL ONETOUCH Unveils New Selection Of Affordable Smartphones, A Tablet, And A Smartwatch

Just ahead of CES 2016, ALCATEL ONETOUCH has unveiled their latest collection of Android smartphones. The PIXI 4 lineup consists of 4 entry level smartphones designed to bring a premium experience within a very affordable package. These devices range from a small 3.5″ variant, to 4″, to 6″, all the way up to a 7″ tablet. We don’t know as of yet what the exact specifications or pricing will be, but we’ll undoubtedly get more information at CES 2016 this week.

In other news, ALCATEL ONETOUCH has also unveiled two other new products. First, the 8″ Pixi 3 Windows 10 tablet. This 8″ device comes out of the box with Windows 10 Mobile “optimized for tablets”. The tablet also offers customization through colored skins and flip covers. Pricing and specifications are unknown on this device as of yet, but once again, we’ll hear more this week at CES 2016.

Last but not least, ALCATEL ONETOUCH has unveiled a new “smartwatch” for children. The Caretime watch features GPS for tracking, the ability for parents to send voice messages or even call the watch and allows children to call pre-set contacts.

Press Release


CES, LAS VEGAS, January 2, 2016 – ALCATEL ONETOUCH is rolling into Las Vegas’ CES with a lineup of new products, from a full line of entry-level PIXI 4 products to the CareTime children’s watch.

“From concerned parents to first-time smartphone users, we have a device to fit every need,” said Dan Dery, Chief Marketing Officer at ALCATEL ONETOUCH. “Our new line will be showcased at our booth at CES. We invite everyone for a hands-on trial of the devices to experience the excellent value we offer our consumers.”

PIXI 4 Family

The brand-new PIXI 4 family includes 3.5-inch and 4-inch smartphones, a 6-inch phablet and a 7-inch tablet — premium entry-level devices offering a comprehensive user experience in design, audio, camera and battery life. PIXI 4 offers consumers the best design and features in the entry-level market.

PIXI 3 8-inch tablet

The first ALCATEL ONETOUCH tablet with a Windows Mobile operating system, the entry-level PIXI 3 8-inch tablet features Windows 10 Mobile, optimized for tablets.  It offers customization through Color Skins and Flip Stand covers. Other hot features: TV remote control, voice-call enablement, GPS, and front and rear cameras.

CareTime Children’s Watch

With this GPS tracking device, parents can call or send voice messages to their children, and children can reply or make calls to pre-set contacts. The GPS locator lets parents know where their kids are, and also includes an app that  notifies parents when their children enter or leave a predetermined safe zone.

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