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Acer Announces New H7 Series Monitors, With Built-In USB Type-C

Acer Announces New H7 Series Monitors, With Built-In USB Type-C

Wireless charging is old and fast charging is quickly becoming last year’s news, now we’re in the age of USB type-C. USB C allows for one connection to handle transfers, display, and charging, and more — pretty nifty port. We’ve already experienced USB C ports on our phones, tablets, and computer, our only logical next step would be monitors and Acer has paved the way for us with their new H7 monitors.

Yesterday at CES, Acer announced that soon they would be selling a new series of monitors with USB C ports in the back for sharing the display of the host’s device — and if it’s a phone it’ll charge it at the same time. The H7’s also feature Acer’s ‘ZEROFRAME’ design and brushed aluminum stands. They will come in 25” and 27” varieties with a resolution of WQHD (2560 x 1440). USB C won’t be the only port available as the monitors also have HDMI 2.0 and other usual ports.

This new updated H7 line will start to be available in February and have a beginning price tag of $500. Will you be trying out these new monitors to test the strengths of USB type-C or stick with your curves?

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