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RAVPower 3350mAh Portable Battery Pack Review

RAVPower 3350mAh Portable Battery Pack Review

The RAVPower PB33 is a 3350mAh portable battery pack for any phone. It is available in five different colours and will charge anything that charges through a USB cable. The battery pack is a cylindrical shape, and is about no longer than a normal sized debit or credit card. It also not very wide, making it quite easy to be taken around with you.

It comes with a cable in the box, and is one that will charge up the portable battery pack. You can reverse the cable that comes with it to charge some devices as it is a standard USB A type cable. This was perfect for my LG G3 and Kindle. I plugged the gold cylinder straight into the wall and within an hour, it was fully charged. My Kindle was flat so this was the perfect chance to test it out.

There are three small lights on the pack, each showing about 1/3 the capacity of the battery. By the time my Kindle was finished charging to the max, the three lights had gone down to just two. While you’re smartphone is certainly going to use quite a lot more power, this is a great little power bank to keep around for all your devices when you’re on the go.


I will be quite happy to take this around with me because it has a small, sleek design, yet it’s still able to hold a decent charge. This is perfect to take around, and is great value for money, being priced at around £9 (about $13).

This is a very great device that is very useful to carry around, and is capable to charge my LG G3 with a large battery (3000mAh) and more!

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