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Google might not be the first company to strike a deal with the NFL, but their new agreement brings official NFL video highlights to Youtube and it’s Google search results. Yes, youtube now has an official Youtube channel which will be able to carry official highlights coming directly from the NFL. Along with Youtube, Google will now be showcasing not only video highlights but also video recaps and previews directly in their “OneBox” search results format. OneBox is Google’s method of showcasing all the pertinent information of a search in one easy to read easy to access box without the need for clicking through multiple links.

OneBox has become a staple of Google search results and it has become that much more powerful with the addition of NFL content. By doing a search for New England Patriots you are presented with a OneBox which shows the Patriots most recent game along with their next upcoming game, which of course, in this case is Super Bowl XLIX. But that’s not all, now you can also find a video recap of the Patriots AFC Championship win along with a video preview of their Super Bowl matchup with the Seattle Seahawks all within OneBox.

For now, Youtube will only have access to video clips and highlights and not full streams as many of us might hope. But either way this is a great addition to Youtube and Google’s portfolio of content. This deal now gives Youtube content from all four major American sports including NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL.

Via: Engadget