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T-Mobile takes pride in being as different as possible from the other carriers, as is illustrated by their Un-Carrier model, and today they took the covers off a yet another industry first, a program simply called Score! So what exactly is this new program that literally screams at you? Well according to T-Mobile President and CEO John Legere, “SCORE! is a radically new Un-carrier approach to locking in lower costs on your next smartphone…. And, it’s yet another breakthrough improvement over the old-school carriers’ restrictive service contracts, hidden subsidy costs and slooooow upgrades.” 

T-Mobile customers can now choose to join Score! for just $5 a month in order to begin receiving deals on new phones in as little as 6 months with the program.  After 6 months Score! customers will automatically qualify for a free entry-level smartphone and after 12 months customers will be able to get deals on all T-Mobile smartphones. The free entry-level phones are just that, entry level phones but if customers do decide to hold out for the full 12 months they will be able to take advantage of some pretty impressive deals like $100 off a new Samsung Galaxy S5 or $150 off of a Nexus 6 or Note 4.

SCORE! is a major feather in T-Mobiles hat and seems to offer it’s customers more options over shorter periods of time as compared to all of its competitors. Score! is available to all T-Mobile customers Prepaid and Postpaid alike. The pricing is simple and gives them a much needed layer of transparency to phone buying. With a rather low cost of entry T-Mobile might have another Un-Carrier success story, the question now is will the other carriers respond with a similar program of their own? Only time will tell. 

Source: T-Mobile