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T-Mobile Says They’re Technically Not Throttling YouTube

T-Mobile Says They’re Technically Not Throttling YouTube

T-Mobile’s new Binge On program has been a great addition to the network for many customers, but controversy has surrounded it since day one. Many have argued it doesn’t abide by the laws of Net Neutrality and many simply don’t want it on their accounts to begin with. Just last week however YouTube came out claiming that T-Mobile was throttling YouTube even though they weren’t a part of the program. The network is now responding to those claims in saying that they technically aren’t throttling the service.

T-Mobile says that the term “throttle” is misleading and rather they are simply optimizing videos for mobile devices, making it even faster than it would have been. While it is true that the network is not actually slowing down the speed of YouTube on their data network, they are limiting customers who are using Binge On to only 480p streaming.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think T-Mobile should be able to limit the quality of videos on YouTube even though they aren’t a part of the Binge On program? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Nick Schiwy

    This is across the board, so anything that is recognizable as video is being “optimized.” Maybe Google could just partner with T-Mobile on this so their videos are zero-rated and proceed to stop complaining. That said, I don’t know why T-Mobile should need to “partner” with anyone if they already know that it’s streaming video.