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Google Glass: Enterprise Edition Passed Through The FCC Yesterday

Google Glass: Enterprise Edition Passed Through The FCC Yesterday
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All year long there has been chatter all across the internet of Google working on a couple new versions of Google Glass. One of those new versions was dubbed the ‘Enterprise Edition’ and as the name suggests, this version would be aimed at the workplace, more specifically Glass for Work startups. Yesterday we got all the proof that we need to prove that this new version of Google Glass exists thanks to the good ole’ FCC.

Yesterday the FCC posted a handful of images of the Google Glass: Enterprise Edition on their website, showing the overall design of the device as well as some internals. From these images, you will quickly realize that not much has changed here since the original version of Google Glass besides the addition of the foldable hinge so that the device can now be folded closed like an actual pair of glasses. While the design of the device appears to be largely the same, the device is apparently much more durable this time around. At least with the Enterprise Edition, the device is more robust so that it can take a bit of a beating in the workplace, a necessary trait in many fields of work.

While the FCC has essentially confirmed the existence of Google Glass: Enterprise Edition, Google themselves have not made mention of the device yet. As you can probably guess, this is rather odd for a company to do. Regardless, the current rumors seem to suggest that Google will officially unveil the Enterprise Edition of Google Glass to the world very soon.

Source: FCC

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