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LG Announces Two Brand New Bluetooth Headsets Coming At CES 2016

LG Announces Two Brand New Bluetooth Headsets Coming At CES 2016

We’re just a couple short weeks from the kick off of CES 2016 and ahead of the event LG is announcing their latest Bluetooth headsets, the HBS-910 and the HBS-900. These headsets follow in the shadow of LG’s previous “Tone” headsets. These headphones rest on your neck and have dual microphones carefully positioned for use in phone calls. The mics are also able to cancel out noise for improved quality in loud environments. There’s also a nifty “Find my Phone” feature that activates a ring on your connected smartphone to help you locate it as long as you’re within Bluetooth range.


LG is planning to launch both headsets in February of this year in the US, Korea, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and other markets. Pricing and other hardware details are unknown at this time, although we should learn more at CES 2016.

Press Release (Translated)

2016 years in the United States next month, LG Electronics is the world’s largest consumer electronics show held in Las Vegas ‘CES 2016’ ‘plus tons (HBS-910)’ unveils.

This product is specialist sound equipment, Harman Kardon, and a premium Bluetooth headset offers superior sound quality through technology partnerships’ ton plus series (HBS-910, HBS-900). 2016 years’ Tone Plus is an improved automatic line applies to existing products against the cold juleotgo weight sleek design modules were implemented. You can feel comfortable to wear even for long time use, plus tons.

LG Electronics has implemented a more mature Premium Sound applying a proprietary “Quad Advanced Layer (Advanced Quad Layer) diaphragm ‘to this new product. Yirwojin diaphragm with 4 layers is difficult to implement a high clear and rich low expression of a single-layer diaphragm at the same time.

2016 years ‘tone plus a tapjaedwae a “dual microphones’ sensitivity, the call was significantly improved.This product has two microphones were installed in the best position close to the mouth to be accurately capture the voice. User quiet environments such as offices or libraries may call clarity even in noisy environments, such as ambient as well as subway commute.

This product has been added to the headset app features (LG Tone & Talk) allows you to record a voice smartphones only button operation. In addition, the user activates the alarm in the phone associated with the products “Find Phone” button operations to take advantage of the features of the app, you can easily find a phone headset.

LG Electronics will launch next February Sequential this product to the United States starting in Korea, Europe, Latin America, Asia and other global markets.

LG Electronics IPD business manager jeongsuheon Managing Director said “Tone Plus is designed with products developed to embrace customer feedback, sound, and will offer customers a differentiated experience, etc. Ease”, “for the technology and customers industry-leading will further strengthen its leadership in the Bluetooth headset market with delicate care, “he said.

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