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Latest Galaxy S7 Rumors Call For 2 Variants, 5.2″ And 5.7″, February Release

Latest Galaxy S7 Rumors Call For 2 Variants, 5.2″ And 5.7″, February Release

As the beginning of a new year comes up, so does the annual refresh of Samsung’s flagship smartphone line, the Galaxy S. This year we’re looking at the release of the Galaxy S7 and the latest rumors reveal a few interesting details. Korea’s ET News is currently claiming that Samsung is only working on two Galaxy S7 variants, one with a 5.2″ display, the other with the 5.5″ display. The 5.2″ variant will reportedly have a completely flat design while the larger model will carry over the dual-curves as we saw this year on the S6 Edge and S6 Edge+.

ET News further reports that the device will first go on sale in February with an initial production run of 5 million units, 3.3 million of which will account for the smaller, flat model.

Other rumors claim that the S7 will include an iris scanner, a familiar glass and metal design, a pressure sensitive display, and USB C. There have been several conflicting reports on exactly what we’ll see with this device, but we should learn more in the next couple of months, possibly as early at CES.

Source: ET News

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  1. Scott Wilson

    Android has had force touch for ages. All it does is measure the surface area being touched and watch for that to increase. That’s how most “pressure sensitive” screens actually work. Adam Outler has had an app in the app store for ages to demonstrate it. It’s just a very poor UI decision. You don’t want to slow down an interface by introducing a hold and wait function.