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Thanks To The Lumia 950, I No Longer Dread Using Windows Phone

Thanks To The Lumia 950, I No Longer Dread Using Windows Phone

Android has always been my home for using smartphones with iOS being my second choice. Windows Phone has always had my interest, but its never been anything more than that. I liked the idea of Windows Phone, I loved some of the features, but I could never truly enjoy it. While yes, a HUGE part of that was due to the app situation, I think it may have been partially due to the hardware I tried it on as well as some of the sore points of the platform itself in the past. Thanks to Microsoft’s new Lumia 950 however, my opinion has changed.

First off, let’s talk about the hardware. Windows Phones aren’t famous for their flagships, they’re famous for the dirt cheap budget models like the Lumia 520. Those phones have always been built from cheap plastic that, while not the worst in the world, reflected the price tag well. With the 950 we’re still dealing with 100% plastic, but it doesn’t feel quite as cheap as the rest. The phone’s matte coating feels somewhat durable and fairly grippy as well. It’s nothing compared to something like the Nexus 6P or even the HTC One M8 for Windows, but it’s good nonetheless.

What’s underneath that plastic is what really sets the Lumia 950 apart however. Finally after nearly a year and a half, we’ve got a Windows Phone with flagship specifications. With the Snapdragon 808 and 3GB of RAM, the 950 is very speedy, especially compared to the numerous low end Windows Phones I’ve used over the past couple years. While loading screens are still abundant, these specs prove to me that Windows Phone can be just as fast if not faster than other mobile OS’.


The real change is Windows 10 Mobile. This new update debuted on the Lumia 950, and it brings many outstanding changes without sacrificing the good parts of the platform. One of the biggest changes is how apps are now designed. Rather than swiping through pages, there are hamburger menus and navigation icons at the bottom of the app. While many Windows Phone purists aren’t too big a fan of this change, it’s something I really enjoy.

While Windows Phone still isn’t perfect and I still can’t use it as my personal daily driver (more on that in my full review, coming soon), it’s getting better every day and I will be looking forward to my next chance to use it each time another device is on the horizon.

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