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WSJ: Google Is Working On A New “Smart” Messaging Service

WSJ: Google Is Working On A New “Smart” Messaging Service

Google’s experience in the messaging industry is full of numerous successful services, and just as many failures. Tonight however the Wall Street Journal has come out to say that the company is currently work on yet another messaging service, this time with a few additional features in tow. WSJ points out that the most notable feature would be a heavy focus on chatbots which would use contextual clues to answer your questions, perform actions, and much more.

WSJ says that Google has been working on this service for over a year now although they don’t provide any info on if this would be another added service or simply a rebranding of an existing service (aka Hangouts). Since Google is the king of search, this new service could prove extremely accurate and useful and could set it apart from similar services available today. Of course to use this functionality you’d need to give the company permission to scan through your various conversations.

As of now details on fairly scarce on exactly what we can expect from this new service, but it’s likely we’ll hear more in the coming months, likely at Google I/O 2016. If you want to know a bit more regarding what WSJ has revealed on this service, check out the source link below.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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