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An Upcoming Hangouts Update Might Remove SMS/MMS, But Could Add Quick Replies

An Upcoming Hangouts Update Might Remove SMS/MMS, But Could Add Quick Replies

Google Hangouts is a very popular service for millions of users, but according to the latest rumors, it seems the service is getting a few changes on it’s Android app. According to Phandroid, Google is getting ready to update that app and in doing so, removing SMS/MMS capabilities. Android users begged Google for a long time to add that functionality all the way back to it’s early days, but now couple years after adding it, it seems Google is going to pull the plug.

Why would they do that? Well the reason is unclear. It could be that Google wants push users to it’s Messenger SMS app or that the functionality is simply causing too many issues. Many issues have occurred within the Hangouts app due to SMS/MMS, so Google could simply be trying to cut out what’s not technically needed in order to have a better app overall. Luckily this only relates to carrier SMS/MMS, Google Voice and Project Fi messaging will remain within the service.

With the bad also comes some good. Within another update, Google Hangouts looks as though it will also gain the quick replies, something users have wanted for quite some time. Not unlike Google’s Messenger SMS app, these quick replies would allow users to reply to a message by simply pressing reply from the heads up notification. The feature was recently added in an iOS update, so it’s not hard to believe that Android will see it fairly soon as well.

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