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Sonos Adds Support For Apple Music

Sonos Adds Support For Apple Music

Today an update hit the Sonos app on both Android and iOS, which entailed the usual performance and stability enhancements. But also included in this update is something pretty big, support for Apple Music…sort of. Support is being released today in beta and will only be available to people who signed up for Apple Music support a while back when support for the service was first announced as coming.

For the people who did happen to sign up for support about a month ago, you will want to update the Sonos Controller app on either your Android or iOS device. Once that is done you will be able to listen to music from Apple Music via your wireless Sonos speakers. It is worth noting that Apple Music does look a tad bit different through the Sonos Controller app. When using the Sonos controller app, your music will be organized by For You, New, Radio, and My Music. The difference with this layout being the missing Connect tab that is in the actual Apple Music app itself. Don’t worry though, Apple’s Beats 1 station is supported by Sonos.

If you would like to sign up for Apple Music beta in Sonos then you can click here to be taken to the page to do so. You can also find download links for both the Android and iOS Sonos apps below.

Sonos for Android Sonos for iOS

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