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LG Has Released Open Source Code For LG G3

LG Has Released Open Source Code For LG G3

It was seen that in the late hours of yesterday, LG released the open source code for the Android Marshmallow update for the LG G3 D855.

The update was rumored to be coming to the D855 variants of the device between December 16 and December 18 and this action by LG has shown that those rumors weren’t too far off. Going by the time it takes after LG posts the open source code before, Android 6.0 should be starting to roll out very soon! Of course, this hasn’t been confirmed, but they wouldn’t post the code and then not update the devices!

It has been speculated that there will be some test releases starting to roll out today, tomorrow, or December 18 because of the new code upload, and current rumors, but it has not been confirmed if there will be test releases, how to sign up for one, and if and when they will be released. Hopefully the update comes to all of the anxiously waiting devices very soon, but this is LG’s sign that the update is coming soon.

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