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Nexus 6P Reportedly Heading To Best Buy, Gold Variant Coming To The US Soon

Nexus 6P Reportedly Heading To Best Buy, Gold Variant Coming To The US Soon
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The Nexus 6P has been on sale for the past few weeks and has received praise from many. According to 9t05Google however, there will be some updates soon on where Google sells the phone, and also the variants available.

Apparently Google is working with Best Buy to begin selling the 6P in stores across the country. It’s not confirmed exactly when the phone will go on sale at the retailer, but we can expect it fairly soon. One rumor points to Huawei announcing availability at CES 2016, but that’s unknown as of now.

Aside from that, Google is also getting ready to offer the Nexus 6P in a new color, gold. Back when the phone first leaked we saw a few different times where it showed up in a gold body, however that model never released in the States. Rather it made it’s debut overseas in Japan. However it looks like Google will soon be launching this variant here in the US, possibly as an exclusive through Best Buy. It’s common for Best Buy to carry exclusive color variants of phones they carry, so it’s entirely possible that they are doing the same in this case. That said, nothing has been confirmed about that as of yet.

Via: 9to5Google

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