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Walmart Announces Walmart Pay, A QR-based Mobile Payments System

Walmart Announces Walmart Pay, A QR-based Mobile Payments System

Mobile payments are slowly rising is popularity thanks to Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. All three of those are based (at least in part) on NFC (near-field communication) technology. Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the world and has held off from accepting NFC based payments, but that doesn’t meant they are staying out of the mobile payments game entirely. This morning Walmart announced a new mobile payments system, Walmart Pay.

Starting today, customers will be able to use the official Walmart app on iOS or Android to use Walmart Pay. Rather than using NFC, Walmart Pay uses QR codes to process payments. If that sounds familar, that’s because it’s using the same technology that MCX’s CurrentC used early this year before failing. Since this doesn’t require a hardware element besides a camera, Walmart Pay does have the ability to run on older devices that don’t support NFC (and of course the OnePlus 2).

The service will work with any credit or debit card and is available to use at any Walmart location starting today. To use it simply select the Walmart Pay option within the app and scan the QR code generated at check out. The app will even store a digital copy of your receipt for later reference. Will you be using the service?

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