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Google Photos is Rolling Out ‘Shared Albums’ Feature Today

Google Photos is Rolling Out ‘Shared Albums’ Feature Today

Back in September, Google held a press event to talk about new products coming including our beloved Nexus 5X, 6P and Pixel C. They also mentioned some new features to Google Photos, that would come “by the end of the year”. Well, 3 weeks before 2016, we are getting the last missing feature: shared albums.

A feature that is a staple in the most popular cloud apps around, even in Google’s Drive, shared albums has been missing all this time in Google Photos. The concept is simple, you’ll be able to add contacts to an album that you’ve created, and anyone added would be able to add pictures and videos to the album. Everyone would receive notifications when media is uploaded, and Grandma and Grandad will be happy to see the kids. You’re even able to save pictures to your device that are from others, pretty neat.

The new feature requires no app update, it’s a server-side change, and is starting it’s roll out today to users on Android, iOS, and the web. Time to finally share those pictures of your vacation with the family, even to that one uncle…


Source: Google Blog

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