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Google Hosted A Reddit AMA To Answer Questions About The Pixel C – Here’s The Highlights (Multiwindow Is In The Works)

Google Hosted A Reddit AMA To Answer Questions About The Pixel C – Here’s The Highlights (Multiwindow Is In The Works)
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Earlier today members of the Google team which worked on the new Pixel C tablet, hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit to provide an open forum for users to ask the company about the new tablet. Early reviews of the tablet so far haven’t exactly been the best. Reviewers have been praising the hardware, but the software is another story. Many user questions stuck with that topic, but there were quite a few interesting questions that users brought up about the device as well.

The biggest takeaways from the AMA are listed below along with links to where they land within the AMA.

This was by far the biggest piece of information from the AMA. Google confirmed that they are indeed working on multiwindow for Android and many other enhancements to Android. They say that they’ve spent a lot of time working on the feature, but they don’t detail when we’ll see it specifically.

Google confirmed that of course Android N is in the works, but they didn’t give us any spoilers. They did however confirm that split screen is among the new features coming.

Not much new here, the Pixel C will receive Android security updates in the same way that Nexus devices do, monthly.

Just like Nexus devices, the Pixel C will have factory images available and the bootloader will be unlockable to enable users to install an alternate OS.

Rather than focus on a stylus, Google decided they wanted to focus on the keyboard rather than a active stylus (Apple Pencil, Surface Pen, etc).

Google wants to continue to make Android better for productivity to “make it a home for everything you want to do”.

In case you didn’t know (I certainly didn’t), the Pixel C doesn’t support double-tap to wake nor the always listening “OK Google” command. Google was quick to point out that double tap was removed in an effort to extend battery life as that feature does require the tablet to leave part of the touch screen enabled. They did point out that if you’re using the keyboard that the tablet will wake when opened. As for “OK Google” support, it’ll be added in a future software update.

Pretty much what you’d expect, “The Nexus phones aren’t good enough? ;-)”

Source: Reddit

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  1. Matt Anderson

    I think the Pixel C looks very interesting! Looking forward to a review!

    • Ben Schoon

      Thankfully that might be happening, I’m going to try my best to get one out in one way or another!