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Instagram On Android Now Supports “3D Touch” For Previewing Images

Instagram On Android Now Supports “3D Touch” For Previewing Images
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When the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus was first announced, Apple’s big highlight feature was “3D Touch”. This new level of interaction allowed users to access new software features by applying different levels of pressure to the touchscreen. One of the big ways Apple and third-party developers use 3D Touch is to give users quicker access to certain features with fewer taps. Instagram jumped on the 3D Touch train right away, updating their iOS app to support it very quickly. Within Instagram, users were able to “3D Touch” on image thumbnails to preview them before opening them fully.

Soon after “3D Touch” was announced, notable Android developers were quick to point out that Android did in fact support the feature and it was simply not used. However now for the first time we’re getting an application that uses this feature on Android, and it’s Instagram.

Well, let’s clarify. This new Instragram update is not sensing pressure to do this, rather it’s simply using the same action with a long press. The new feature is available in version 7.13.0 of Instagram and it should prove useful for active users. You can download the APK for your Android device at the source link below.

Source: APK Mirror Via: Android Police

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