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Apple Launches An Official iPhone 6S Battery Case For $99

Apple Launches An Official iPhone 6S Battery Case For $99
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iOS is great in terms of pulling a lot of life out of what would be considered a small battery on competing platforms, however that doesn’t stop the iPhone 6/6S from having battery life that isn’t exactly the best. While the iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus can pull battery life for days, the little brother tends to only last a day at the absolutely most. There are dozens of different third-party battery cases to help solve this, but overnight Apple themselves released their own battery case for the iPhone 6S.

The case adds a somewhat thin profile to the device while offering users nearly double the battery life of the iPhone without the case. The case runs $99, a price that is surprisingly close to many third parties, and is available in either white or charcoal gray.

If you’re looking to pick up the case, it’s available now from Apple, will you pick it up?

Source: Apple

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