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Kinivo BTR-200 Bluetooth Receiver Review

Kinivo BTR-200 Bluetooth Receiver Review

Back in June 2014, Motorola announced a Bluetooth receiver called the Moto Stream.  Everyone was talking about it.  Yes, I wanted one!  I have a stereo sitting in the living room and I thought it would be nice to listen to my Google Play Music collection on the living room stereo.  I just couldn’t part with $50, so I got myself a cheap $10 Bluetooth receiver and plugged it into my stereo.


Enter Kinivo (“kee-nee-voh”).  It’s no secret to iTechTriad readers that I love Kinivo.  They make good stuff!  I’m still rocking out my Kinivo URBN Bluetooth headphones!  Anyway, Kinivo has this new Bluetooth receiver.  The Kinivo BTR200 is easy to use and set up.  I just plugged it into the wall with the included USB cord and plugged it into my stereo with the included RCA to 3.5” cable.  You can also attach to digital components by flipping a switch on the back of the unit to switch from “Analog” to “Digital” and then use a TOSLINK cable (not included).  I was unable to test the digital capabilities due to the fact that I don’t have any digital equipment.  The BTR200 uses NFC pairing, so all you have to do is tap your non-iPhone device to the BTR200 and it will pair automagically.


Kinivo says that the BTR200 has a long range. Most Bluetooth accessories only have a range of 33 feet.  I was able to leave my phone in a room upstairs and broadcast to a stereo on the floor below.  The audio was clear and sounded nice.  There were no signs of the audio fading out or quitting due to distance from the broadcast source.  This would be helpful if you’re hosting an event and wish to leave the audio source safely in another room.

I feel the BTR200 would have been an excellent solution to recommend for a wireless audio solution, but I feel Kinivo might be a little late.  On September 29th, Google basically killed all Bluetooth receivers with the introduction of the Chromecast Audio.  At the current (as of this writing) selling price of $39, I would recommend the BTR200 if you wanted to do a wireless presentation in an office setting and need to set something up quickly or you may not have access to a Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, just grab a Chromecast Audio for $35.

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