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OnePlus Now Sells An iPhone Case… For Some Reason

OnePlus Now Sells An iPhone Case… For Some Reason
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OnePlus has done a lot of crazy things in the past couple of years, but this by far has to be the most interesting. Today OnePlus has announced a new Sandstone case, exclusively for the iPhone 6 and 6S. Yeah…

Made from the same Sandstone material found on the back of the OnePlus One and OnePlus Two, this case fits onto your iPhone to give it the same coarse and grippy feeling that made us love the OnePlus One’s hardware so much. This case will run you $19.99 but there are a couple extra perks. For one, the case includes an invite to pick up a OnePlus X. While that’s not exactly the invite free method we wanted, it’s a nice “loophole” for anyone who has yet to get an invite. A few cases will also be randomly selected to include a “super” invite that gets you a free OnePlus X!

So why exactly is OnePlus making an iPhone case? According to their blog they want customers to gift these cases to their iPhone-using friends in the hope it’ll help them “see what they’re missing”.

Via: Phandroid Source: OnePlus

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