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Google To Start Allowing Split Payments Within The Play Store Soon

Google To Start Allowing Split Payments Within The Play Store Soon

There are many changes that I believe we all want Google to make in the Play Store, one big thing for me would be gifting. Also of course the major one with being able to buy physical products with Google Play credit — but for now I digress. It looks like though, Google is going to start being more flexible with their payments. As shown in the picture below we see near the payment button at the bottom a checkbox stating: “Apply $0.94 Google Play Balance.” Seemingly this will allow the user to use the rest of his Google Play Balance, then pay the rest of the purchase using one of the other forms of payment.


Google did release an update to the Google Play Store (to version 6.0.5) this morning, but I wasn’t able to use split payments on any apps just yet. We’re not sure if this is solely a server side switch or if app developers have to do anything as well, but we’re excited to see this new change incoming in the Play Store. What’s next on your list of changes for Google and their store?

Source: Twitter

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