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Cruzerlite Case For Galaxy S6 Review

Cruzerlite Case For Galaxy S6 Review

Cruzerlite is a staple throughout the Android community. Their cases are the go-to option for many customers and to this day they remain one of the best options for a TPU case. Lately I’ve been taking a close look at their case for the Samsung Galaxy S6. This case is made from a TPU material which allows the case to be shock absorbent and also provides you with plenty of grip. The design on the cases I used is known as the “Bugdroid Circuit” and shows off your love of Android.

The case wraps around the phone with a large lip on the front to protect the screen when it’s placed face down. Unlike most TPU cases the buttons are not covered up which is a huge plus since the Galaxy S6 packs extremely tactile and well made buttons.

While not the most protective case out there, the Cruzerlite Galaxy S6 case packs enough protection for light drops and doesn’t take away from the thin and light design the Galaxy S6 has. At just under $10, it’s also a very good deal. The case is available in green, black, blue, transparent, red, smoke, and teal.

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