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Google Sending Out Free LEGO Charging Stands To Project Fi Customers

Google Sending Out Free LEGO Charging Stands To Project Fi Customers

If you’re a loyal member of Google’s Project Fi, you might have a surprise waiting on your doorstep pretty soon. It seems that Google has decided to send out a special gift to Fi subscribers, free charging stands! Now these aren’t your average charging stands, rather they are built entirely out of LEGOs!

Included in the box you’ll get a bag full of assorted LEGO pieces as well as instructions on how to put it all together into the shape of a smartphone charging stand! Once constructed your charging cable can come through the structure and connect to the phone resting on top. Everything is in Project Fi’s signature colors and is certainly a treat for anyone rocking Google’s own cellular network!

Along with this, Google is also giving a free USB C cable to anyone who has purchased their Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P through Project Fi.

There are a few conditions that determine if you’re eligible for this. If you’ve purchased your Fi SIM on or before November 8th and activated by November 19th you’ll be eligible. If you ordered after November 9th, you’ll also be eligible. If you never activated your SIM or cancelled service before November 19th, you won’t be eligible.

Source: Google Header Image: +Jason Lukaszewski

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