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Get $200 If You Switch From Sprint To T-Mobile Over The Holidays

Get $200 If You Switch From Sprint To T-Mobile Over The Holidays

T-Mobile is currently in the midst of what they are calling “Carrier Unwrapped,” the latest move by the magenta carrier to entice customers of the other three major US carriers to switch to their network. The companies first “gift” came in the form of three months of unlimited data earlier this week. This entailed any T-Mobile customers on the carrier’s Simple Choice plans getting free unlimited data all the way through March 1st, 2016. The Uncarrier’s next gift, however, is targeting Sprint customers specifically with the temptation of $200.

So here’s exactly what T-Mobile is offering Sprint customers this holiday season. If you are currently a Sprint customer and switch over to Team Magenta, you will receive a $200 credit on your first bill. Even customers of Boost and Virgin Mobile can take advantage of this deal if they switch over to T-Mobile. Also, you are not required to trade-in any devices to T-Mobile in order to receive the $200 bill credit, all you have to do is switch your number over to T-Mobile and you’re good. But wait, there’s more! If you switch multiple Sprint numbers over to the Uncarrier then you will receive $200 for each number that you switch over. This means that if you have a family of four and you all switch over to Sprint then you will receive an $800 credit on your first bill.

There are just a couple more things worth noting about this deal on T-Mobile. First off, if you are a Sprint customer thinking of doing this then you should know that you are still also able to qualify for and receive around $650 to cover your ETF. Another very important part to this deal is that it does not go into effect until tomorrow, Thanksgiving. So if you are going to take advantage of this deal, you will have to be a little patient and wait until tomorrow.

Source: T-Mobile Via: Android Police

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