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EMTEC Power Connect Review – Extra Storage With Extra Power

EMTEC Power Connect Review – Extra Storage With Extra Power

Ok, so I’ve been holding onto this gadget for a while now. It’s called the EMTEC Power Connect and it’s saved my skin recording videos more than once. The Power Connect is a small storage device that can be accessed wirelessly. it stores whatever you need it to straight from your phone. All in all, it’s a pretty awesome little device.

When I say that it’s saved my skin, I mean that it’s given me an extra bit of power when I’ve run out, it’s given me more storage when I needed it, and it’s small enough to fit in my crowded camera bag. The Power Connect can be used in a few different ways. Why don’t we go through them?

Extra Battery

The Power Connect acts as an external battery when you need it. It stores up to 5,000 mAh of power. That’s a pretty decent amount of power. While it only has one USB port in it, that’s enough for most people. It’ll get your phone a whole new life and your tablet most of it’s life back. I’ve gone a couple times where I needed this thing and it was small enough that I kept it with me.


Extra Storage

Now there are a couple ways you can use the extra storage. There’s a wireless option where the Power Connect has it’s own WiFi signal, and you can connect to that and share data from your phone, to the device. You could transfer data to the Power Connect from your phone, and then onto a different phone.

Another way I’ve been using it is by transferring data from an SD card through the USB port onto the device. You can add a microSD card to the device, but it already comes with a 32GB microSD card inside for storing what you need to. This comes in handy when I run out of room on my SD card, I stick it on the device and I can access it later if I need to with my phone. It all works well together and I don’t have many issues. The only thing is that reading/writing is a little slow on the Power Connect. I had a hard time transferring a load of data at one time. But if you space it out, you should be fine.

I had a little confusion in the beginning of using the device. If you hit the power button once, it turns on the battery to charge your device. If you hold it down, it turns on the WiFi network to access through your phone. The app that you have to install to use the Power Connect is a little confusing to use. You’ll get used to it though if you use it regularly.

I really love this device and would definitely recommend it to you if you are in need of a tiny device that can fit anywhere and can act as both a storage unit, and an extra battery. Leave a comment if you have the EMTEC Power Connect and what you think about it.

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