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A Few Android One Devices Are Receiving An Update To Android 6.0.1

A Few Android One Devices Are Receiving An Update To Android 6.0.1

Android 6.0 Marshmallow has been out for a while now and overall it’s one of the better releases Android has ever had, however it’s not without problems. Now it seems that a small update to this year’s major Android update is going through a test stage on certain devices. A small number of people are seeing this update on select Android One devices. Owners of the Cherry Mobile G1 (available in the Philippines) are currently getting the update on their devices.

This update is most likely being released for bug fixes and security enhancements, to current Android 6.0 update. Google is possibly pushing this small update in the monthly patch, so that it will only provide one update in December and not two, which would be a smarter idea. But if that is the case, then nothing has been mentioned that this is what Google is planning on doing.

LlabTooFeR posted on Twitter a few days ago saying that Android 6.0.1 and Android 6.1 are in Google Labs:

Then just a couple of days ago, LlabTooFeR posted another Tweet saying Android 6.0.1 is being pushed out to Android One devices:

If you are an owner of the Cherry Mobile G1 then you should either have the update already, or getting it in the current week.

The update is rolling out as MMB29K and is expected to hit Nexus devices and other Android One smartphones sometime next month.


Via: Techaeris Via: Android Police

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