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Nexus 5X Users Reporting Issues With Touch Response While Charging

Nexus 5X Users Reporting Issues With Touch Response While Charging
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Many users of Google’s Nexus 5x are currently reporting that they are having a few problems with touchscreen response while their device is charging.

Simon Mellins, one of the many Nexus 5X users having problems, posted about the issue on Reddit and Google’s Nexus product support forums saying “The problem appears when charging the phone with the charger that ships in the box.” The lack of touchscreen response is particularly noticeable when typing. When the issue occurs, the touchscreen is said to lag, which can really ruin using the device.

Although users can just unplug the device for the time they need to use it, it is still an issue because if, like I often find, your phone is pretty much dead after work or school, you’ll need to charge it, but since the day is not over you’ll still want to use the device. This is why this is an issue. Other users have come up with a temporary solution. They say that using other wall chargers (with USB Type C) has no effect on the touchscreen. There’s been some users that suspect the issue is due to poor shielding that causes electromagnetic interference in the touchscreen.

Fast charging over USB C is great on the Nexus 5X.

Fast charging over USB C is great on the Nexus 5X, but apparently it can cause touchscreen response issues.

There are many, many users on XDA-Developers, Reddit, and Google forums that are confirming and adding more information to the problem. In a survey that XDA recently carried out, the results show that 27 of the asked users report having the issue, whilst the other 22 who they encountered no problems at all. XDA has said:

“At least one user is reporting a more serious issue, where the device becomes completely unresponsive when plugged in with the in-box charger for charging or a few minutes after.”

The problem may have already been fixed by Google and LG, the manufacturers of the new device. There’s still some suspicion that devices which were manufactured in November (you can tell because device’s serial number starts with 511) don’t have the issue, and that it’s only an issue with the device units that were released when the phone was first announced. Has anyone else run into similar problems?

Are you having issues with the touchscreen on your Nexus 5x while it's charging?

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