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LG G Pay Coming As Early As Next Month

LG G Pay Coming As Early As Next Month

LG’s new mobile payment, dubbed ‘G Pay’, is set to launch next month in a selected few regions. First announced in mid-October, LG higher-ups say, “We will sign a deal with some of the country’s major card companies before officially launching our mobile payment platform.”

According to stores in Korea, the service will first launch in South Korea, where the company’s based, where LG will be partnering with two of the biggest card companies, Shinhan Card and KB Kookmin Card. There is no announce so far of a US or UK launch, or any partnerships between LG and US or UK card companies.

Currently, US smartphone users can choose between Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay, as long as they have the necessary hardware, software, phone model, and a supported bank or credit card company. Currently UK smartphone owners can only use Apple Pay for now. Korean users only have Samsung Pay and soon G Pay. Each current service serves their selling point well – Android Pay works on any Android device with NFC (including LG devices), but only in the US for now; Samsung uses MST on top of NFC for top model Samsung devices, but only in Korea for now; and Apple Pay is only for iOS devices, in the US and UK.

Source: Droid-Life

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