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Google Finally Adds Offline Navigation To Google Maps

Google Finally Adds Offline Navigation To Google Maps

Google has finally added the one of the most anticipated features to Google Maps, offline navigation. The once available feature was removed in an update not too long ago but now it’s back. Simply select an area (city, state, or country, for example) and it’ll download that area to your device for offline use. This means it’ll be able to deliver turn-by-turn navigation without using your data connection.

Google says the feature is seamless and activates whenever it detects a spotty connection or the complete loss of one. Google Maps will of course still use data when it can so you can get live traffic updates and use other features within the app.

This new feature has been pushed the the Play Store to update now as version 9.17. The update will roll out over the coming week, but if you’re feeling impatient you can always sideload the APK. The update is also headed to iOS soon.

Via: Phandroid

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