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Google Play May Finally Get Family Sharing And Gifting Options In A New Update

Google Play May Finally Get Family Sharing And Gifting Options In A New Update

A new update is currently rolling out to the Google Play Store app  and in that update, we get a glimpse of what may soon be coming to the world’s largest app store. The guys over at Android Police have done one of their famous APK teardowns and revealed that inside the code for this update are the elements required to add two long overdue features, family sharing and gifting.

Family sharing would allow users to buy an app once and share it across a family. This would allows users to only have to pay for an app once and be able to download it across devices within the family without all sharing the same Gmail account. It’s unknown right now the exact method in which this feature will work, but it looks like it will used shared credit cards. Users will have the option at checkout to either use that shared card or their own. Family members can be added or removed whenever you choose and administrators will be able to approve or disapprove of app purchases for children.

In equally exciting news, you’ll finally be able to “gift” purchases to other users. It looks like you’ll be able to buy an app, song, or movie and simply send that as a gift to another user’s Google Play account.

The Google Play Store may finally be coming to China soon.

The Google Play Store may finally gain two highly requested features in a future update!

Another feature that could be coming is the ability to add credit cards via NFC for compatible cards. If you do have a card with NFC embedded, you’ll simply be able to tap the card to your phone and it’ll be added to Google Play.

It’s unknown right now when these features will be added, but we’ll just have to wait and see. It’s possible that another app update could be needed to enable this, but it could also end up being a server side update. However it’s entirely possible we’ll see this functionality added very soon since the code is already in the app.

Source: Android Police

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