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This May Be Our First Look At Apple Music On Android

This May Be Our First Look At Apple Music On Android
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Back in June Apple released Apple Music, the companies take on what a music streaming service should be. Of course, the Apple music app was released for and limited to Apple’s own iOS, but somewhat surprisingly the company mentioned that there would also be an Apple Music app released for Android sometime this fall. A few months have passed since that announcement and there has been no mention of the Apple Music app for Android, today that changed.

The German site MobileGeeks claims to have got their hands on a beta version of the Apple Music app for Android. Fortunately, they are not just making this claim with no evidence to back it up as they have posted a handful of screenshots of the app as well as a first impressions article. Keep in mind that this is a beta and that a lot can change both feature wise as well as appearance wise once the finalized app is released on Android.

Apple Music Android Beta Apple Music Android Beta (6)

From the screenshots provided by MobileGeeks you can see that all of the main features of the iOS app are also included in the Android app. The For You, New, Radio, Connect, and My Music sections are all there just like on iOS, so you aren’t missing anything on Android. Another big question that can be answered with these screenshots is whether or not Apple decided to simply port over the iOS app or to actually take advantage of Android’s design guidelines. Well, it looks like Apple made the right choice and utilized some of Android’s design guidelines, so you Android users should feel somewhat at home within the app.

You can take a look at more screenshots of Apple Music on Android below (click a thumbnail to view them full screen). You can also read MobileGeeks first impressions article on the app by clicking the source link below.

Source: MobileGeeks Via: Android Central

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