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Aukey 10000 mAh External Battery Pack Review

Aukey 10000 mAh External Battery Pack Review
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My daily driver is a 2014 Moto X. If you know anything about that phone, you’ll know that the battery life isn’t great. I can barely get through a day at times. The only way to combat that is to charge at some point mid-day. When you don’t want to plug into a wall, or can’t plug in for that matter, you may have to consider getting a new phone, OR you can grab an external battery pack.

One external battery pack I would recommend is the Aukey 10,000 mAh Battery Pack. I’ve had this battery pack for a little bit and I immediately fell in love. First off, it’s 10,000 mAh, giving you tons of battery life. At the least, you can charge your phone twice. Now, because it is 10,000 mAh, the battery pack is a little on the large side. It’s good to keep in a bag somewhere for traveling and going places where you might use your phone often.

When you think about the aesthetics of the Aukey battery pack, it looks really nice. It has a plastic body but doesn’t feel cheap. With two USB ports on the top and an LED flashlight between them, you can charge two devices at once, and be comforted knowing you can find your way in the dark! On one side is a power button. Pressing it once will light up the Aukey logo, indicating your battery level. Hold it down for 2-3 seconds and you’ll turn on the flashlight. On the other side, you will find the micro USB port for charging the battery pack. It’s recommended you charge the device at least once every 3 months.

The Aukey battery pack incorporates Qualcomm Quick charge 2.0 technology to ensure you get the fastest and safest charge. Detecting when you are at a full charge, the battery pack will shut off so you don’t waste power.

Overall, this is a really good option if you’re in the market for some extra battery power on the go. If you have this device and have some thoughts about it, let us know in the comments!

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