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Samsung Phones May Soon Include Pressure Sensitive Displays

Samsung Phones May Soon Include Pressure Sensitive Displays

Back in August, Apple announced on stage in San Francisco what is arguably the biggest feature of the companies newest iPhones, 3D Touch. What this feature does is enable the iPhone’s display to be pressure sensitive, allowing users to trigger different actions or menus based on how much pressure they apply to the display. Naturally it didn’t take long before Samsung, the king of features similar to 3D Touch, to be rumored to incorporate a similar feature in their upcoming smartphones.

The latest word on the street is that Samsung will do this by taking advantage of Synaptics newly announced ClearPad display technology, which would make Samsung’s phone display pressure sensitive. It would then be up to Samsung to modify their phones software so that it could utilize the pressure sensitive display in unique ways. Then comes the most difficult part, getting app developers on board.

In order for an app to take advantage of pressure sensitive features, the developer of said app would need to go and make their app compatible. The reason this would not be easy is simple, 99.9% of Android smartphones do not include pressure sensitive displays. Becuase of this, why would an app developer take the time and effort to go and enable those features within their app if virtually nobody would have the necessary hardware to use said features. Unfortunately, Samsung releasing a couple of smartphones that have pressure sensitive displays is not going to be enough to change that in any significant way.

Despite all of that, it is not farfetched to believe that Samsung will be utilizing pressure sensitive displays in some smartphones in the near future. Like we mentioned above, Samsung is the king of features like this and will likely do this on at least one of their smartphones just to see if people take a liking to it. The interesting part will in be how Samsung uses that pressure sensitive display in the software.

Source: Weibo Via: 9to5Google

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