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Mycestro Wearable Mouse Review – One Step Closer To Tony Stark

Mycestro Wearable Mouse Review – One Step Closer To Tony Stark

Have you ever watched a sci-fi movie and seen the characters interacting with computers via touching holograms? Cool right? Well as of right now, that technology doesn’t exist, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be there anytime soon. For now we’re restricted to using a standard mouse and keyboard and in some cases, a touch screen. However what if there was another way to interact with your computer? Well, over the past several days I’ve been testing out the Mycestro, a wearable mouse that feels like we’re just one step closer to the future.

Hardware & Design

The Mycestro (pronounced mi-stro) is a wearable mouse that simply rest on your index finger. It’s about the length of two pennies and with an adjustable strap, it rests on your finger. At first this feels bizarre since it can restrict some movement, but after a few hours of use, you’ll just about forget about it. The hardware itself is fairly nice. The build quality is decent and the device is light enough to where it doesn’t get in the way. The buttons across the side are somewhat tactile and they are in the position to where they aren’t hard to press with your thumb, but I’ll have more on that later in the review.

The design of the Mycestro will certainly catch the eye.

The design of the Mycestro will certainly catch the eye.

Design wise the Mycestro is a bit strange, but with a device like this how could it not? When actually on your finger, the device doesn’t look too strange. You’ll almost certainly be asked what is on your finger, but not because it looks weird, simply because it’s different.

Pairing The Mycestro

The first thing you’ll need to do with the Mycestro is pair it with your computer. If you have a Windows or Mac, you’ll need to download the official Mycestro app to get everything working properly. This is available through the company’s website, but downloading it is somewhat annoying because you’ll need an account on their website to download. The software is free,  but it just seems like a step too many. However once you’ve got that installed, you should be just fine. Simply open the software and pair the Mycestro. Keep in mind that this is not a native Bluetooth device, so you will need to use the included USB dongle.

One great thing about the Mycestro is that it is plug n’ play on other device. If you have an Android phone/tablet or an iPad, you can connect this by simply plugging in that dongle. If you’re confused on how to do that, you can do it with a simply OTG cable. The company claims that iPad functionality should work without issues and that Android should work, but has not been tested on all devices/OS versions. Thankfully the Mycestro also works on Chrome OS. This surprised me, but I was very happy to see it. If you’re connecting to a Chromebook or Chromebox, you should have no issues. Simply plug in and enjoy.

The Mycestro is fairly easy to connect your PC, but the battery life isn't amazing.

The Mycestro is fairly easy to connect your PC, but the battery life isn’t amazing.

Battery Life

As with any wireless device, the Mycestro will need to be charged from time to time. In this case you’ll need to charge at least every other day. A full charge could generally get me through 1 and a half – 2 work days (8-5). Luckily you can simply plug in a microUSB cable to charge. You can even continue using the Mycestro while it’s charging, although keep in mind that does restrict movement.

Using The Mycestro In Day To Day Life

So I’m sure this is what you’re thinking at this point. “This looks great, but what is it like to use?”. That’s a valid question. Here’s the answer, it feels like the future. When you first get the Mycestro out of the box, it’s going to feel like you’re learning how to use a computer all over again. However over the course of a couple hours of use, you’ll start to get the hang of things. After the first day or so, you’ll be getting better and better.

You'll need to practice with the Mycestro to get used to it.

You’ll need to practice with the Mycestro to get used to it.

To use the Mycestro, you’ll need to get familar with it. The basic functions are all pretty simple. On the left side there are three buttons. These are the left click, center click, and right click options. You can use them by press with your thumb. To scroll, simply swipe along the side of the buttons in either direction. To move the cursor around, simply rest your thumb anywhere on that touchpad and move your hand in the direction you want the cursor to. As I said, it’s bizarre at first. It will take time to get a handle on.

I used the Mycestro in my daily life at my day job. There I tested it in three ways. First on it’s own. Second, using both it and a trackpad. Third, using the Mycestro and a standard mouse. What were the results? First of all, I don’t really recommend using this product on it’s own if you work a desk job. It’s very awkward and really just much less efficient. It would definitely be better in a situation where a computer is complementing you working with your hands on other things. Combined with a trackpad or mouse however was a true delight. It made tasks where I had to type a lot more efficient while I was still not giving up the precision of a mouse when I needed.

Is The Mycestro For You?

So who is this product meant for? Well, that’s a tough one. The Mycestro is a unique product, but it’s market is very niche. For the majority of customers, it’s much less efficient than any other input method, but in other situations, I can see it being insanely useful. Here’s a couple examples I’ve thought of:

  • A cell phone repair technician: The Mycestro would fit in here since it doesn’t require anything extra cluttering the workspace and the technician doesn’t even have to put down his tools to perform a quick task.
  • A school teacher: Here the Mycestro would prove useful when using the projector. This product would allow the teacher to control his computer while standing up at the board, even if the PC is in another area of the classroom.

So is this product for you? Well, let’s be honest, probably not. However if it is for you, you’ll probably love it to death.

The Mycestro certainly isn't for everyone, but it's definitely got a market to appeal to.

The Mycestro certainly isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely got a market to appeal to.

Final Thoughts

The Mycestro is definitely an “out there” product, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. Personally, I don’t think it’s a product I would buy, especially at $150. However if you have the time and patience to learn how to efficiently use the Mycestro in your daily life, I think you’ll enjoy the results quite a lot. You can pick up the Mycestro at the link below. You can even get a discount by spreading the word on the product from SproutUp!

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