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It Looks Like The Huawei Watch Has A Speaker Built In, It Just Doesn’t Do Anything…. Yet

It Looks Like The Huawei Watch Has A Speaker Built In, It Just Doesn’t Do Anything…. Yet

The Huawei Watch is finally available and it’s helping to kick off the next generation of Android Wear devices. While the specs are mostly the same as the previous generation, this new watch might offer a glimpse into what’s coming for Android Wear in the near future. The guys over at Android Police popped open the back of a Huawei Watch and inside they found what appears to be a speaker module in the watch. It even lines up with an unexplained opening found on the device’s casing. Further investigation revealed that this may in fact be the same module Huawei is currently using in a couple of their smartphones, but in those cases as the earpieces.


It appears that there is a speaker in the Huawei Watch, we just don’t know why.

As of right now, Android Wear has absolutely no use for a speaker, so it’s a bit interesting that Huawei included one. This could mean that Google is planning to incorporate some audible features into a future software releases (notification sounds or phone calls anyone?), or it could be for other variants of the device. It’s very likely that the Huawei Watch will see a release in the Chinese market where Android Wear devices actually have a different software build installed. Either way, it’s interesting at the least to see that Huawei included a speaker on their smartwatch. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Android Police

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