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Shovel Knight Gets Amiibo, Exclusive Content For Nintendo Platforms

Shovel Knight Gets Amiibo, Exclusive Content For Nintendo Platforms

Yacht Club Games, the developers of Shovel Knight, have had a pretty active week. Previously, it was announced that the first playable boss Plague Knight will be in the Plague of Shadows content update coming very soon.

With that, Yacht Club teased a “megaton” reveal at PAX Prime later in the week. While many (including myself) speculated that Shovel Knight may be coming to Smash and getting his own amiibo, at least one of those was right.

Today, with the help of the Let’s Play channel Game Grumps, Nintendo and Yacht Club Games officially revealed the Shovel Knight amiibo. Rather than assume his pixel-art design from in-game, we’ll be getting a full 3D model of his high-res promotional art.

It isn’t just a pretty sight either. The Shovel Knight amiibo will unlock a bunch of new content for the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game.

First off, the Wii U version will be getting an exclusive co-op mode that allows a second player to play with you. This will also introduce new cooperative moves for helping each other in the game.

The rest of the content will unlock in both versions of the game, like customization and challenge stages. For customization, the amiibo will add new relics, abilities, and powers to the game and will let you customize the look of your Shovel Knight even more. These settings will work seamlessly between both versions.

The exclusive challenge stages will take advantage of the new relics and abilities provided by the amiibo. The Shovel Knight amiibo will be compatible with more games in the future as well (both by Yacht Club and Nintendo), so we’ll have to wait and see.


We’ll also have to wait and see for a release date, since as of now it doesn’t have one. Some rumored listings supposedly leaked a November release, but I’d take that with a pinch of salt.

Really, this is a rather interesting move. As of now, the Shovel Knight amiibo is the only third-party non-Smash one made, so it begs to question how much further it could go. Here’s to hoping that we’ll actually get a good supply of these amiibo, or at least more than 5 seconds on sale before they’re all gone. I’m betting on 7.

Source: Yacht Club Games

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