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Link Bubble Pro Goes Free For Everyone, Refunds Coming To Some Previous Buyers

Link Bubble Pro Goes Free For Everyone, Refunds Coming To Some Previous Buyers
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Link Bubble has always been one of my favorite Android browsers. It works in a very unique way in that links load up in the background after you click on them which means you don’t have to waste time waiting for a link to load. Simply click, continue what you’re doing, and when the link is loaded, view it.

This browser has become a part of my daily routine and it’s on top of my list of favorite apps. Recently, developer Chris Lacy, the genius behind this app, revealed that he had sold it to another company. Now they have made some changes everyone can appreciate.

Starting right now, all Link Bubble Pro features are completely free. That makes both Link Bubble and Link Bubble Pro one and the same. All the limitations previously placed on the free version such as limited tabs and article mode are now open to all.

The new owners of Link Bubble have also revealed that they do have further plans for the browser which include new features and more. However for the time being the main focus is on bug fixes, performance optimizations, and improved support for users.

To sweeten the deal even futher, anyone who has purchased Link Bubble Pro within the past month is eligible for a full refund. If you bought before that timeframe, sadly, that refund doesn’t apply.

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