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[POLL] What’s Worse, Looking At Your Smartphone During A Conversation, Or Your Smartwatch?

[POLL] What’s Worse, Looking At Your Smartphone During A Conversation, Or Your Smartwatch?

In our connected lives, it can be a little tough to ignore a notification. Whether it’s an email, an message, or just about anything else, we look at it almost immediately. However in some situations, that can be a bit rude. For instance, let’s say you’re having a conversation with a person and you feel your phone vibrate. Would you look at it? Well hopefully not, it would be a bit rude. But let’s add in the fact that you might have a smartwatch on. That same notification is now on your wrist at a simple glance. Suddenly it just got a lot more tempting to look at that notification. But the question is, is that still rude?

From your perspective taking a quick glance at your smartwatch to see what came through might not seem rude at all, but to the other person it might mean something completely different. To that person you just got distracted from what they were saying and in the case that they don’t know you have a smartwatch on, they might think you’re simply looking at the time in anticipation of the conversation ending.

So here’s my question, what is the most rude course of action? Is it pulling out your smartphone and looking at it, or glancing at your watch? Now I know what’s going through your head. “Just don’t do either“. Well that’s not the question is it? Vote below to let us know what you think and if you have more to say, leave a comment below!

During a conversation, what's worse? Looking at your phone, or your smartwatch?

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