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PSA: Samsung Pay Will Not Work On Verizon

PSA: Samsung Pay Will Not Work On Verizon

Months after it’s announcement, Samsung Pay in finally right around the corner. Coming to the Galaxy S6 series and the Note 5, the service looks like one of the most promising mobile payment options to date, but it has just hit a major road block. Samsung has just confirmed on Twitter via their support account that Samsung Pay will not work on Verizon devices.

For the Verizon Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, and Note 5 Samsung Pay will not be available. The company hasn’t clarified why this is the case, however Samsung is still partnered with AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile so users on those networks will be able to use Samsung Pay. What are your thoughts on this? Were you hoping to use Samsung Pay on a Verizon device?

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  1. Isaiah Schultz

    Ugh. Why am I surprised? I have a Verizon S6 that I bought this summer, and over 1/2 of my reasoning to buy it was in anticipation for Samsung Pay. This ruins my day…