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Samsung Will Not Be Releasing The Galaxy Note 5 In Europe

Samsung Will Not Be Releasing The Galaxy Note 5 In Europe
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At the Samsung Unpacked event today it seems they forgot to mention something while talking about their new flagship phones. The newly announced Galaxy Note 5 will not be coming to Europe. First reported by German tech site and later confirmed by the BBC, Samsung say they have “no plans at present to release the Note 5 in Europe”. With the additional comment of “(the) decision is purely for marketing reasons.”

With the Galaxy Note range being a very popular series for Samsung will the decision to only release the Galaxy S6 Edge+ be a smart move for the company? Or do you think they should give customers the choice of which of the two handsets to pick from? Drop a comment below and tell us what you think? Were you holding out for a Galaxy Note 5 and are now unable to get one? We would like to know what you think of this move from Samsung.

Source: (translated from German)


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