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Developer Behind Falcon Twitter App Joins Official Twitter Team

Developer Behind Falcon Twitter App Joins Official Twitter Team
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It’s not hard to see at all. The official Twitter for client is not too flashy at all. It lacks many features and stands behind the times in terms of the design. There are many third-party clients that look much better and have been features, but unfortunately they are are limited by Twitter’s API. One popular third-party option is Falcon for Android. This app brings a great design that has proved popular among many users, and now that app’s developer is joining Twitter to fix the official application

Joaquim Verges announced today on his personal Twitter account that he was joining the Android core UI team at Twitter. This means he’ll be working on what the app itself will look like and how it will function. Joaquim says that he wants to make a “killer official app with the full API and a modern UI”. He also confirmed that Falcon Pro isn’t going anywhere and that it will be a great place to test features and design elements that could later end up in the official application.

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