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T-Mobile Is Officially The Third Largest Carrier In The US

T-Mobile Is Officially The Third Largest Carrier In The US

It’s not hard to see that T-Mobile is gaining traction in the US market very fast. Their bold moves and aggressive advertising along with their not-at-all quiet CEO John Legere is starting to pay off as the company has just moved up in the market to be placed at number three here in the US, surpassing Sprint.

The two carriers have been at each other’s necks for the past couple months, but now T-Mobile has finally taken the lead with a reported 58.9 million subscribers as of July. Sprint did grow a bit at the same time, but they are currently only at 56.8 million subscribers.

Clearly T-Mobile’s popularity is coming from their Uncarrier program and it’s many incentives. With early upgrades, free music streaming, and much more, Team Magenta is quickly developing their fanbase and only hopes to grow as time goes on. John Legere also pointed out another reason for the company’s success on his Twitter account today.

Put quite simply, T-Mobile is AMAZING when it comes to customer service. They always listen to what customer have to say and use that feedback to improve to better suit their customer’s needs. Clearly it’s working, and we can only hope it continues to do so and that other carriers follow suit.

Source: The Washington Post

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