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HTC Has Started Pushing Ads To M8/M9 Owners

HTC Has Started Pushing Ads To M8/M9 Owners

A while back HTC announced they would begin to start pushing ads through BlinkFeed to M8/9 customers. With the launch of the new Fantastic Four movie later this week, those are the first ads are appearing.


Reddit user inmpersonaljesus took to the sites r/htc subreddit to post a picture of his status bar where 20th Century Fox and HTC have put what I think is the first ad to hit users phones.

Now it’s worth pointing out that this notification is not solely an ad, but also a notification regarding a new launcher theme available from HTC. This is likely how HTC can do this without violating any Google rules.

Have you seen this ad? What do you think about HTC pushing ads directly to your phone? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Reddit

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