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Is Samsung Working On A Selfie Drone?

Is Samsung Working On A Selfie Drone?

Samsung is constantly working on a lot of new projects. Whether that’s a smartphone, a computer, a monitor, or some other crazy new product. However one place we haven’t seen the company enter, nor did we expect them too, is drones. However now SamMobile is reporting that the company is working on their first drone, and it’s just for selfies.

Details about this project are unknown at this time, but it’s expected that the drone would be something similar to the Lily Camera which was announced earlier this year. That camera flies on it’s own, but follows your location thanks to a tracker.

Odds are that if this product does pan out and gets released, it would land under the “Gear” lineup alongside Samsung’s smartwatches and VR products.

With drones quickly becoming popular among the average consumer, it’s not hard to see why Samsung would want to take a crack at their own drone. It will certainly be interesting to see what comes of the project as times goes on.

Source: Samsung

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